True crime book club! Vote for Feb Book! Poll is live, winner announced monday!

Hello all! So this will serve as an announcement and update post.  

The poll is now live so go vote! One vote per device is allowed, no spamming. Let’s all be democratic about this. Polling will close Sunday at 10pm EST and winner will announced MONDAY.  

Attached with the survey is the option to join an email newsletter for the book club! You don’t have to join and can just rely on checking this sub regularly if you’d like. Your inbox won’t be spammed with BS, it’ll just be me typing an email to everyone who signs up letting them know about new/upcoming discussions threads. More than likely weekly.  

On that note, I think it’d be nice to have weekly discussion threads on chapters of the book. I can’t give an exact breakdown because we don’t have a book yet. These mid-month threads will be marked spoiler and you don’t have to participate if you’re not caught up!  

Sometime before we chose next months, I think it’d be good to thread about our favorite new true crime novels of 2018, so more people can have exposure to newer books before we vote for march. We all love classics, but variety is nice too! This is true crime after all, we’re here to learn!

Anyways, happy voting!

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