What would your family or friends say about jut you on a true crime special?

My mother and I are both true crime buffs and havr watched hundreds of shows. Because of this, we’ve discussed what we might say about the other if being interviewed about the murder of the other.

She and I resolved to be truthful, like, she was awesome but damn, could she hold a grudge. Or, some people liked her, not everyone mind you cause she could be a bitch.

It’s just always seemed illogical that “everyone who met so-and-so loved them.” Like, I have friends, family, and acquaintenses but maybe only a handful would have a lot of great things to say about me. I get tired of hanging out with other people and can get snippy. My closest friends and family get it but others, of course, don’t.

So what about you? Have you had a similar conversation with anyone? What do you think people would say on your crime special?

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