Door sensor issue (2gig system)

In the process of switching my wired window sensors to wireless (had new windows install – double hung). I seem to have lost monitoring on my back door sensor and can’t seem to figure out why.

Here’s my setup:

  1. 2gig Z-Wave system

  2. 8 wired zones (7 of which offline/bypassed due to cutting old wired sensors) connected through take-over kit

  3. Back door is connected to Master Bedroom (03) zone

Current status:

After deleting Garage (02) I no longer see bypass errors on the 2gig touch pad for zones 2-8, but I’m no longer receiving voice/system notifications for back door (connected to 03) either. Entry (01) still works fine, so don’t think anything is wrong/broken at the take-over kit side.

  1. Entry (01) = leaving alone (includes front and garage door and is working fine)

  2. Garage (02) = Deleted (garage window – not door)

  3. Master Bedroom (03) = untouched (includes back door sensor)

  4. Zone 4-8 = untouched

I have to be missing something…any clues?

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