My take on Brandon Lawson’s 911 Tape.

While there is a lot of speculation as to what happened to Brandon Lawson, I would like to share my take on his 911 call. Before I get to that though I would like to touch on a few things.

Things we know for a fact.

Brandon left his house around 11:43 pm after fighting with his girlfriend/wife Ledessa. Though Ledessa and Brandon’s father had tried talking him out of making the 3 plus hour drive to Crowley, and go to his Brothers, which was only 5 min away,  Brandon started heading towards his father’s house on route 277. About 5 miles south of Bronte, Tx, Brandon’s truck was found. Kyle, his girlfriend, and an Officer arrived at Brandon’s truck around 1:10 am. There were numerous short phone calls back and forth Between Brandon, Kyle, and Kyle’s girlfriend at this time.

Now for what I speculate might have transpired.

It is my guess that after running out of gas, having really no signal to make a call to someone that Brandon started walking back and forth (meaning north and south staying fairly close to his truck,) for a while all around the truck trying to get through to someone. Holding up his phone like was all do when we can’t get a signal. With only being able to get spotting signal and short phone calls, it is my guess that at some point Brandon started walking north for two reasons, one, in hopes of getting a better signal, and two, if he never got a hold of anyone, that he would at least make it to the store, where he could get gas, and start walking back.

My impressions of the 911 call.

When I listen to the 911 tape it seems to me that Brandon is describing a scene that was unfolding in front of him. I feel like Brandon was explaining to the dispatcher something he thought she (the dispatcher) was well aware of, a police chase in progress. What I think might have been actually happening, was someone was impersonating an officer and had fitted their private vehicle with Red and Blues. To me, I can hear him start to say detectives once and then say it again a second time a little later in the tape. If I were to see someone in plain clothes get out of an unmarked police car, I would guess that he was a detective. If it was a uniformed officer, I would have called the guy an officer, or plainly a cop.

This is my guess or theory as to what happened as the 911 call unfolded.

Dispatcher: 911 Emergency.

Brandon: Yes, I am in the middle of a field a (Staper?) just pulled some guys over. (takes a quick breath) right here going toward Abline on Bronte side. (takes another breath.) My truck ran out of gas, there’s one car here, you got detective chased some guy into the woods, Please Hurry! (It is my impression that when he completes his initial thoughts, he ends it with “Please hurry.” Anyone who calls 911 is going to try and give the who, what and where so that they or another person can get help. Where  “in the middle of a field.” What was happening, “State trooper, had pulled some guys over.” (It is my guess he plainly misspoke trying to talk too fast.) “Truck ran out of gas,” Why he was there, What more was happening “detectives chased some guys into the woods,” Then completes his thought with, “Please hurry.” This tells me Brandon just assumed he told the dispatcher everything she needs to know.

Dispatcher: Okay, now run that by me one more time?

Brandon:(inaudible) talking to him. I actually ran into him. Sounds out of breath and startled, but seems as if he is unafraid of whoever he ran into.

Dispatcher: Ah, ok you ran into them, Ok.

Brandon: Detectives got the first guy. (Brandon seems almost optimistic for a second.)

Dispatcher: Do you need an Ambulance?

Brandon: Ye-ah, no I need the cops. (note he calls Law Enforcement Cops here, instead of Detectives like before?)

Dispatcher: Ok. Then after a moment. Is anyone hurt? Hello?……Hello?……Hello?

I also want to point out that Brandon does NOT call 911 after this. If he is in a field and bleeding, able to call his brother, and his brothers’ girlfriend, has already called 911 but doesn’t attempt to call them again? Could it be that Brandon thinks that a detective shot him? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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