A Serial Killer Shot Dead By The Police In Bosnia

Edin Gacic, murderer of four, has been killed by the police of Sarajevo Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In what probably was the biggest manhunt in history of this country, more then 1200 cops searched for the maniac after he killed Saud Sultanić, a clerk, mutilated his body, and took off.

He evaded the justice from February 4 til today (February 12), when he was found by the members of law enforcement near the town of Kiseljak. He started shooting at them, lightly injuring one of the officers. They returned the fire and killed him.

The area is currently swarmed with cops and the entry is being denied to journalists. Aljoša Čampara, the minister of internal affairs, said he’ll give more information to the press soon.

The Backstory

He was born in 1976, and his father died when he was seven. When the Bosnian War began in 1992, he, a Muslim, stayed in the Serb capital of Banja Luka and was subjected to severe abuse. He finally fled the city in 1994 and went to Croatia, then returned in September of 1995 and joined the Mujahideen, a group well-known for their brutality (among other things, torturing and beheading about twenty serbian POWs and expelling the Serbian civilians after the fall of Vozuća).

First time he killed was in 1998, three years after the war, when he killed one of his former brothers in arms, Ismet Gunić. In the court, he offered multiple motives, and claimed that the government and secret services were involved. The judge didn’t buy his story, and he got 14 years in prison.

His mother, Sifeta, who lived with him during the toughest moments of war, testified against him, and said he shouldn’t be released under any conditions. In 2002, he got a temporary release. During the release, he murdered Sifeta. After the act, he remained in her house for another two hours, listening to music and eating candies. Then he tried to escape, but was detained in a train in Montenegro two days after.

This time, he got twenty years . However, he walked free after serving two thirds of the sentence, in July of 2017. The warden of the Bihać State Penitentiary, Edhem Velabdžić, pleaded the government institutions not to let him go, and wrote that “it’s obvious he’ll will commit another crime”.

In the meantime, Edin tried to live a normal life. He got a certificate of a personal trainer, for “years of experience in working with people”. Also, he became a tour guide.

The killings started again about a week ago.

Saud Sultanić opened his store at 7.30 that morning. Soon, a neighbour of his came. A neighbour he and the rest of the locals feared. He was shot three times, then stabbed and kicked in the head. The motive remains unclear.

After the death of Sultanić, the history of the killer became known and ended up in all the newspapers. It caused a massive hysteria, because people in Bosnia aren’t really used to these kinds of things. The worst thing was the fact that nobody knew where the hell he was.

Then, on the night of February 9, a cop was killed in Tarčin near Sarajevo. His gun and about 30 bullets were missing. A couple of hours before, the police got the information that Gačić was seen close to Ušivak, a place 7 miles away from Tarčin.

People all over the country were frightened. The number of kids coming to school halved in the areas where the last two crimes took place.

Luckily, about two hours ago, they managed to locate him and he was killed after refusing to surrender and attacking the S.W.A.T. team.

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