Foscam cameras IR turn off/on when access with Android phone. But NOT with iPhone.

I have 4 Foscam FI9901EP cameras outside. Recently whenever I access the cameras remotely the IR light will turn off and on. If it’s during the day you will see a sudden flash of light on the screen. This happens when using both the Tiny Cam app and the IPcam viewer app. It doesn’t do it on all 4 cameras either. Sometimes it will be on one. Then it will be a different camera. Then it could be on two different cameras at the same time.

Here’s the weirdest part though. I have an iPhone XS and the cameras don’t exhibit this behavior at all when using the iPhone. Even when using the same app that I’m using on my Pixel 3.

I am at a complete loss as to why this is happening. I can’t find any information online. It doesn’t seem to be happening to others.

Any ideas????

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