Well…Here goes

When I was in first grade, 1997, me and my best friend were playing at her house with a babysitter “watching” over us. My friend lived less than a mile from our elementary school and we had this grand, two story playground. The babysitter decided to drop both of us off, alone, to play at the playground while she left to do God knows what.

Our babysitter drove a black car and said upon dropping us off, “when you see my car pull up, it’s time to leave”. So, being 7 year olds, we see a black car almost identical (in our minds) to hers pull up EXACTLY where she dropped us off after awhile at the playground and assume it’s her.

I had a bad feeling and I’ll never forget, my friend ran up the stairs to the car while I hid behind a large green trash-bin, peeking out watching her.

My friend waved to me to join her so I feel obliged to make my way up to her. I walked up to a BMW with a man inside, a naked man. The first time I saw a penis. All I can remember is the syringes and beer bottles he had on he floor as well as he had a TV Guide “Magazine” as he called it. His exact words were, “Have you seen this Hercules magazine?”

I hadn’t. I said no. He grabbed me by my shirt, Pulled me into the passenger side window as my friend grabbed me and the man, with a gun by his side, tried to unbuckle his seatbelt. It got stuck.

He became frustrated, pulled into a parking spot outside the school as we were sprinting down the playground, and began banging on house doors.

The first house we came to we were screaming and banging with all our might, the man had followed us and pulled up to the house. I kid you not, right as the door opened, he was walking out of his car to get me. Once the door opened, he ran off and sped off leaving tire marks.

The woman who answered her door called the police.

From there on, me and my friend were escorted by cops to school everyday. We went to the police station every day after school to review who had been arrested, seeing if anyone matched him.

Seeing as I was the most afflicted, I was driven by police to my state capital to have a police sketch done. I can even remember going to Applebee’s after with my mom with the cop, he made me feel so safe and special. Police sketch is attached.

It had been months. Forensics were involved and studied the man’s tire marks he left at the scene. The marks were an exact match to marks outside my home, dating years back. He was following me and me alone.

The detective on my case had a meeting with my family explaining that if this man wasn’t found, the only and next option was the witness protection program.

Not long after, I spotted him in a line up. My story was in the news and it gave a previous victim the guts to speak up. He was a dentist in town and had abused a patient under sedatives, per this woman or girl.

I don’t know his whereabouts now, I don’t know his name or charges. I just know that I’m a badass bitch and I can take any person attempting to hurt me. Hope this gives hope to anyone in need ❤️ Police Report

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