Recommendations for home security and automation?

So, I got an email from Iris saying they were shutting down. Not too big of a loss for me, their stuff never worked for me anyway. But now I’m looking for a new service to switch to.

Iris was nice because (in theory) I could set up if then logics and timers and tie everything to each other all from one app. It’s between 8 am and 4pm and my back porch motion sensors go off? Trigger back yard sprinkler system. Then I get an alert and can check the security cameras. Schlage even had it set up so I could check when my kid gets home by whose code just unlocked the door.

Are there any other brands out there that go in depth? I’ve looked at Alexa and Google Home, but I just don’t like the idea of an active listening hub in my home.

The email i got recommends SmartThings. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks in advance

Tldr; Iris is going out of business. Are there any similar services?

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