Dr. Phil show promises Chris Watts’ full confession in Tuesday’s show

I’ve always liked Dr. Phil. He’s definitely had some shows that aren’t my cup of tea. Some that have been very disturbing and I felt would have better been dealt with off air and with law enforcement.

I think it’s lazy to call him exploitative just because that’s the popular opinion of the day. This is a major news story however and the Rzucek family agreed to it.

I think that Dr Phil has helped the conversation about mental illness in America take place. He’s helped people. And I personally don’t think there is anything really wrong with exploring and exposing the dark underbelly of our country. I think we have conversations now that we didn’t used to have, we know what certain things look like (eg you can read about depression or addiction but here you are seeing it in action) and he does give advice about how to handle these situations.

Idk. I will always have an affinity for Dr. Phil because I used to watch his show when I was going through some pretty heavy stuff and I learned a lot about myself and got some good tips about how to change my thinking and life.

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