Decided – Unifi PoE system – now need advice on setup

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions here regarding my last post about wifi security cameras. Log story short, over the week I’ve mulled things over and have decided that PoE is the best solution so I will be getting rid of all my wifi cameras and redoing my cam setup.

Looking to get a combo of G3 Flex and G3 cameras from unifi. Maybe only need 4 total and a cloudkey gen2 as my nvr. Now regarding the switch, can this setup be powered by any switch or do i need to get a special unifi switch? Currently my house is networked and have cat6 running throughout the house terminating in outlets in rooms. All these are connected in a network box in the garage to a regular ol 10/100/1000 16 port Zyxel GS1100 switch. Will I be able to plug the cameras + cloudkey into this switch and expect the system to work?

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