Does anyone else feel that there’s something’s off about the Jodi Arias case?

I know this is an old case, but I started looking into it again a bit more and a few things are striking me as very, VERY odd. Specifically, the roommates. Now, I have no doubt that Jodi Arias did this – but now I’m having trouble believing that she did this crime all on her lonesome. Are there any explanations for the following things? :

  1. How is it possible that the roommates didn’t smell anything at all? I understand that smells can gradually move especially in such a big house, but it’s not likely that they stayed in one corner of the house for nearly a week, and the smell of decomposition is, well…putrid

  2. TA’s dog..they knew how much he loved her, and all of the sudden they just believe he got up and left for vacation without leaving any food or water for his dog? Did the dog really not act strangely at all?

  3. How the hell did the roommates not go to or near his bathroom or the washing machine for FIVE DAYS? Why would Jodi even feel comfortable placing the bloodied clothes and the camera in there knowing that he didn’t live alone, why didn’t she take it with her? In fact why would she even feel so comfortable committing the crime there in the first place, shouldn’t she have been worried about being caught by them?

  4. Why was there a smell of cigarette smoke in the rental car when it was returned, considering it was proven that Jodi doesn’t smoke?

  5. How did Jodi not end up with more injuries, and furthermore is it really probable that she could’ve incapacitated this man all by herself? I’m having trouble believing she overpowered him all on her own.

  6. What’s up with the notes that the police found trying to be smuggled through the prison? The thing about how she fucked up and told the attorneys something she wasn’t supposed to..?

  7. The roommates were oddly calm when calling 911. I completely understand the concept of someone being in shock, but..I don’t know. It just seems so off when added with all of these other things.

Idk..what do you guys think?

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I find it odd how his beloved dog was left unattended and left downstairs blocked by a stair gate. Apparently, the upstairs light that is usually turned off was on for the entire 5 days..AND they never thought to check properly upstairs for the entire 5 days when they were frantically texting each other, wondering why he hadn’t arrived in Cancun? Surely the roommates were asked? How would they not find that suspicious, and immediately check?

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