New variant of Ursnif banking Trojan discovered by Cybereason.

A new variant of an infamous banking Trojan malware with a history going back over ten years has emerged with new tactics to ensure it’s harder to detect. The malware aims to hunt out financial information, usernames, passwords and other sensitive data. The Ursnif banking Trojan is one of the most popular forms of information-stealing malwaretargeting Windows PCs and it has existed in one form or another since at least 2007, when the its code first emerged in the Gozi banking Trojan. It has become highly popular in recent years after the source code was leaked to GitHub, allowing cyber criminals across the world to take it and add new features to the malware. Now researchers at security company Cybereason have uncovered a new, previously undocumented version of Ursnif which applies different, stealthier infection tactics than other campaigns.

Source: ZDNet

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