Recommend a safe for me!

Recently, I’ve decided to try and make myself scarce online by deleting old/extra accounts, keeping privacy on the ones I keep, and so on. It’s been pretty liberating.

Anyhow, keeping a lot of my information (personal info, contacts, passwords, etc) digitally has been an actual pain, since not everything syncs across everything else, so I wind up losing my information, having to reset passwords, and so on, so I’ve decided to keep things in a binder. In a safe. Which I don’t have.

Now, this wouldn’t be the only thing I keep in the safe – it’s not really THAT important – but I WOULD like to get a safe for some of my valuables. I even have a spot where I’d like to put it.

Could anybody recommend a good safe for keeping personal information and valuables in? It would need to be 30″w 12.75″H and 11″D at most (or, like, fit in that size space). Needs to hold 10″x10″ binders.

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