Need security system recommendations.

I woke up earlier today and one of the screens for my windows was raised. I’m not in the greatest of neighborhoods and I feel like my house is being scoped out so I’d like to invest in a security system for some extra protection. I’m young and a bit tight financially so something on the cheaper side is preferred but I can try to find some extra money for the right equipment, I just want to make sure what I get is effective/worth my money and will give me a greater sense of ease when I’m not home.

For reference I live in the better end of what is basically the ghetto in my area. I’m not going into specifics but it’s pretty bad. I’m going to use North for the front side, south for the back, east for the right, and west for the left, although I don’t believe these are actually accurate.

The north side has a front yard with three ground level windows and I believe a metal door with a deadbolt but also a window on it, no lock on the knob. The south side of the house is an alley way with a driveway owned by my neighbor on the east side and a fence/gate owned by my other neighbors on the west. The south side of the house has two ground level windows and a backdoor, the backdoor is metal with no window, deadbolt, and a lock on the knob. The west side of the house has no ground level windows and no access to the alley from the front yard. The east side of the house has one window at ground level, with the window being more easily accessed from the alley, but there is a small gap that I and other small people could squeeze through to reach the front yard. All in all my house is about 1000 sqaure feet, two stories + attic and crawl space.

What kind of equipment do you guys suggest? How many cameras should I get, where would I want motion sensors, what brands are reliable at a middle ground price range, why should I choose to go with one brand over any other? Are subscriptions worth it or is it better to keep it all local?

Last but not least, thank you all for taking the time to read my post. If I need to put down any other information just let me know what I’m missing and I will be happy to edit the post.

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