Your opinions on Madaline McCann?

I’m currently researching the McCann case. I’d like your opinion. I personally have always thought the parents were involved. Perhaps she accidentally died and they covered it up, because they were worried the other kids would be taken away? Then moved her body later in the car. In interviews the parents act kind of strange. In one I saw, they were asked about the dogs picking up the scent of dead bodies in the apartment. They pretty much cut her off mid-sentance and the father said ‘ask the dogs’ in a very sarcastic way. Something just doesn’t add up for me. In the book, the mother writes about imagining her perfect genitals and her possibly being abused in a sexual way. Kind of an…odd thing to say? But then I could be wrong, she could have been abducted. But then, what do you expect after leaving your kids alone in an unlocked apartment? You have no idea what kind of people are watching. Also, if you find your daughter missing, why would you leave your other two kids in there and run for help. Wouldn’t you take them with you?

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