Do you know any very small cameras that support power over ethernet?

I’m looking for a cheap hardwired camera that supports power over ethernet. The key is that it must be small, particularly in cross-section. Having integrated LEDs (IR or visible spectrum) is a bonus, as is weatherproofing, but neither are required since I can add these capabilities myself. The ability to focus on objects very close to the camera is important. So far I’ve found a few bullet-style cameras that support PoE, and they’re typically a minimum of 60-75mm (2.5″) wide, but I’m hoping to find something even smaller.

The application is this: I want to send a camera into a long, bending, possibly shielded or underground pipe (electrical conduit) to inspect it. This means it will not be conducive to a wireless approach, and it also means a USB or HDMI connection is out of the question because of the length.

I have basic electronics/DIY skills, so if there’s a PoE camera that comes in a dome or other unsuitable form factor but can be made tiny by stripping away the enclosure, then that works too.

There are borescopes that exist for this sort of application, but they are typically for short lengths or very expensive, and I know I can build something much cheaper with a simple camera, ethernet cable, and a PoE switch. I’d like to reach a length of about 100m (300′) minimum.

If you know other subreddits that you think my question would be better suited to, please let me know.

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