Media Bias against guns: On NBC’s Chicago Med Doctor’s gun gets stolen and it is used to shoot a young man

In Episode 12 of Season 4, Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) asked Will (Nick Gehlfuss) to move back in with her, but given her concerns about the risk of guns, she insists that before that happens, he must get rid of his gun. His handgun has been a continuing major problem between them, but this time Will agrees. However, he changes his mind as he goes into the police station and he puts the gun in his car.

Now in Episode 13, Season 4, Will’s gun is stolen and used to shoot a young man, seriously injuring him.

The lesson is clear: If Will had only listened to Natalie and gotten rid of the dangerous gun, this young man would never have been shot. Of course, few criminals are able to obtain guns in Chicago. Criminals in Chicago aren’t able to obtain guns from drug gangs any more than they are able to obtain drugs from those very same gangs, right? So as long as Will’s gun had been destroyed, the young man’s life would have been saved. More importantly, the question is what is the net effect of gun ownership, and the show provides no balance in showing how guns protect people from harm.

For example, what are the odds of an episode where Natalie had begged Will to get rid of their gun, he had done so, and then they were brutally robbed?

For other examples of media bias against guns see here.

(Episode 12, Season 4 aired on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, and Episode 13, Season 4 aired on Wednesday, February 6, 2019)


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