Transcript of Eric Harris’ journal entries (for those who don’t know, Eric Harris was one of two perpetrators of the Columbine Massacre, the other was Dylan Klebold)

I couldn’t bring myself to finish reading the entire thing. I wonder what happened to make him so angry and filled with that much hate that he thought the solution to the world’s problems was to kill everyone?

He almost seems like he could have been schizophrenic or bipolar. I’m not qualified to dx but based on what I read it seems he had a god complex and a grandiose sense of self.

He seemed very intelligent despite his atrocious grammar and spelling. To be thinking about those things constantly at that age isn’t normal. We all question the world and our place it in from time to time but dwelling on it like that isn’t normal.

He also seemed to be a master manipulator by saying he was constantly lying to everyone. Is it possible his parents had no idea he was a racist, sexist, sociopath? Maybe, if they didn’t pay close enough attention. Although I suspect they knew something because he mentioned a doctor and medication.

So many people have been bullied and it’s awful that he somehow found someone just as screwed up as he was and turned it into something so horrific. I was bullied as a kid too, but I never once thought of murdering someone. Kicking their ass? Sometimes yeah.

My ultimate revenge fantasy was always to grow up and be my best self and forget about them. Because that’s what inevitably happens most of the time.

This kid was just evil. You don’t just go from zero to mass murder that quick. Trouble was probably brewing in him for a long time.

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