Live video monitor, intercom, and lock control

TL;DR: I’m looking for a wall-mounted live video monitor and exterior camera system to check the exterior prior to exiting, but also something that has an intercom and lock control for visitors + deliveries.

The multi-family building in which I own the top floor unit is somewhat unique due to it being a repurposed single-family on an oversized lot in a major US city. Three units share a common entryway, whereas our unit has a private entryway on the cross-street which then leads upstairs to our unit’s front door.

The issue we face is that the exterior door is solid with no windows, and the door opens directly to the sidewalk. Our “porch” is a single step down to the sidewalk. We don’t feel super comfortable putting in a windowed door as the idea makes us feel exposed. We live in a nice neighborhood, but violent crime and theft is still a legitimate concern. And while the privacy is nice, we definitely feel isolated from the herd.

The reason behind my long preamble is that google is “optimized” to give me results for modern residential smart home devices, whereas what I’m actually looking for is a hybrid between a commercial/multi-family system and a single family system.

Everything is on a smart phone these days but I want the convenience of looking out the window without the actual window in additon to the smart device conveniences. Companies want to sell me the cloud service or professional monitoring, not a one-time hardware installation. And I understand why – my use case isn’t exactly common.

I would prefer a packaged system for anyone familiar with more commercial systems that could work value-wise in a single-family use case. Otherwise, more DIY type recommendations would also be appreciated.

Any advice?

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