Ted Bundy Worked At A Suicide Hotline—Here’s Why, According To A Forensic Psychologist

This was a good article and a worthy topic. I think he might have considered psychology because he knew he needed help. He either knew he didn’t understand people, and thought that would help, or he knew he personally needed help. I don’t think it was so well thought out as to help him be a better serial killer, but more to help him in life. Most people who are in psychology are there to help themselves by understanding people or themselves better.

I think cluster b disordered people are all pretty much the same, regardless of diagnosis, but their behaviors are different and they are grouped up more by behaviors. I think sometimes they can move between types of cluster B disorders over the course of their lives. I think he was a covert narcissist at the time he was attending school. Sometimes covert narcissists do a lot of volunteering, which would seem to be counter intuitive to someone who is lacking empathy. They are trying to convince themselves and others that they are empathetic. I think Bundy working at a suicide crisis center is somewhat the same. He was trying to convince himself and others that he was a caring person. I agree with the article that the power made him feel special.

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