What do you think is the reasoning for serial killers seeing certain women as romantic partners and the rest as prey?

I’ve been watching Extremely Wicked and it made me think of something I’ve wondered about for a while. Why do serial killers look at some women and feel compelled to begin a romantic partnership with them and then look at others and want to kill them? (Bundy, Ridgway, Rader, etc.) At one point these killers saw the women they ended up with for the first time and instead of wanting to kill them they instead wanted to strike up a relationship. What do you think the difference was? How can you dehumanize the vast majority of women but then turn that off for certain ones? I recognize that some serial killers used relationships women as a cover up but what was the rationale for choosing these women to be with? I know I’m kind of rambling I’m just curious to see what other people’s opinions are on the psychology of this.

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