Basics of setting up home security system for someone who has no idea what they’re doing

I have a stalker ex who I am pretty sure has broken in and installed spycams. I cannot find them and honestly don’t really know how to find them. I want to report it to the police, but I don’t have any proof (just them sometimes making comments on things I do inside my apartment that they would have no way of knowing without actually seeing me).

I want to set up something in my apartment to monitor the windows and doors, that they cannot hack. So far they’ve hacked my phone and my laptops, and I think I’ve finally gotten them off my phone through many resets, but I’m worried that they’ll just hack the surveillance cams I set up. I don’t even have internet at home right now (just use my phone) because of how overwhelmed I am by them and the possibility they might hack me.

I’m totally unaware, as you might have noticed. I don’t know what is possible and what’s not, but this piece of crazy has been stalking for me literally years now, and this person shows traits of being a psychopath. No empathy, no guilt or remorse, just an unending entitlement to watching everything I do. My friends in general have started to lose faith in me, and I need some kind of proof or at least to feel somewhat secure in my own home.

I’ve been looking at suggestions on here but everything might as well be written in Chinese because I don’t understand it.

What is the best / cheapest way to get hack-proof internet and then monitor my apartment with wireless surveillance cams that I can get notifications for on my phone / wherever else? Please help me. Thank you.


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