Update and renew home security system


So earlier on my neighbour across the road had her motorbike stolen, I called the police and they failed to catch the people responsible, the one seemed to have stopped and let the guy get away. Anyway, I’ve had some dodgy things happen recently and I’m looking to upgrade my home security from a dumb system to a smart system.

I currently have a basic alarm, with PIR sensors in every downstairs room and window alarms on every window and door. I also have CCTV cameras installed (Currently running wifi)

I don’t have a huge budget and I’m kind of annoyed that I can’t see anything that isn’t easily integrated into smarthings or IFTTT. At the very least I want an alarm that can send notifications if nobody is in the house. I had looked at the Yale HSA alarm kits, but it seems they don’t have any option that will allow me to integrate to any type of smarthome system (I’m planning on having a wall mounted tablet to toggle all devices etc) Is it supported on homeassistant would anyone know? A pointer to a decent backup power supply would be great too.

Also I’d like to upgrade my basic IP CCTV to something with a bit more detail with a dedicated 8CH DVR. I don’t want an analogue system though. I’ve been looking at reolink cameras 5MP IP cams. I’d like some type of DVR that can handle area motion detection as I want to select only my garden to trigger an alert on my phone.

I’d also be interested in some kind of “trip wire” type detector for when someone opens up the gate and begins to walk up the path, ideally to make a audible chime outdoors and to alert myself too.

I want to keep my budget as low as possible as I’ve already got a basic system in place, but the additional convenience would be nice.


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