The NYPD sets a new record

Kudos to the NYPD: Last week broke the record for lowest number of shootings, with just three citywide.

That’s especially significant because shootings had been spiking, from 49 in February to 65 in March and 67 in April. Now, with only eight for this month so far, the total for the year is actually down over the same period in 2018.

Alarms actually started sounding in February, with a man fatally shot on a 7 train platform in Queens by suspected MS-13 gang members on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Then an East Harlem teen was caught on video shooting at rivals on a busy Bronx street — nearly hitting a terrified little girl.

That same month, the NYPD announced initiatives focused on turning things around, with a focus on four precincts at the heart of the rise in violent crime. That included both more cops on the streets and more help from the Intelligence Bureau and other central-command assets.

It’s too soon to relax all the way: No single week or month of statistics can define a trend, and high command can only “flood the zone” in so many places at once.

But a record-setting week is an excellent sign that the city is still winning the never-ending war to bring crime down.

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