British Transport Police’s Website Has Been Hacked

Recently, it was confirmed that the British Transport Police’s website has been hacked. Whilst at first appeared to be a minor problem only affecting the ‘newsroom section’ of the website, subsequent checks carried out by BTP, the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency found “a small number” of staff details were leaked.  

Expert Comments:  

Tim Dunton, MD at Nimbus Hosting: 

“It is no secret that cyber attacks are the fastest growing form of crime in the 21st century. The British Transport Police should be setting an example for online security, particularly when a catalogue of sensitive public and staff information is at stake.   

“Moving forward, it is essential that all public sector services quickly and effectively introduce the multitude of cyber security measures that are needed to minimise the threat of a cyber attack. This process begins with the introduction of a safe, secure and modern IT and website infrastructure – which will protect sensitive information, reduce online glitches and lead to far less website downtime.” 


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