Mother’s Boyfriend Arrested for Murder of 15 Year Old Riley Crossman

Pedophiles often seek out partners who have “attractive” kids, ie in the age range and of the gender they prefer. I had a step dad like this. Could not convince my Mom that he was trying to have sex with me. Luckily, I had grandparents who believed me and gave me a safe place to live, away from him. But so many children are not as lucky. The first time my step dad met me, I was about 12, and he looked me up and down, and said how beautiful I was. My Mom melted, and I felt unsafe and in danger immediately. It was so obvious to everyone but my Mom. He ruined my relationship with her, assaulted me, and her regularly too, and then killed her (not directly, long story). Some people are just shit inside. I can almost guess the story that will come out about this once the investigation is complete. That poor girl, my heart hurts for what I am guessing she went through. Children are so fucking powerless and vulnerable, and there are so many fucking predators in the world.

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