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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — With property crimes spiking– protecting your car, your stuff and your home from crooks can seem almost impossible– but did you know, a simple nightly routine could help? Police are using social media to send that reminder to all of us.

Marin County Sheriff’s Department sergeant Brenton Schneider says his department has seen a rash of thefts from car break-ins.

It took less than five minutes to figure out why– too many crimes of opportunity. Backpacks, iPads, documents left in plain sight.

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“People leaving stuff in cars makes this a target rich environment,” said Sergeant Schneider.

Marin County has seen 400 thefts from auto burglary so far this year.

According to crime stats, San Francisco Police reported 5,392 auto burglaries between January and March 2019. That number is down 18 percent from this time last year.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department posted a video on Facebook showing how quick a crook can break into your car and take your stuff, less than 10 seconds.

Police say a 9 PM routine could help fight crime.

Marin County and other police agencies are taking to Twitter most evenings asking residents if they’re ready for the 9 PM routine. A friendly reminder to lock your car, secure your belongings and lock your house at 9 O’clock, using #9pmRoutine.

“It’s a way to engage the community over social media and hopefully prevent crime,” Sergeant Schneider added.

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Many residents like the reminder, including homeowner Robert Coleman who forgot to close his garage door.

“The sheriff’s department does a great job we’re very happy with all the support, I’ll get the car in the garage and close the door.”

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