People keep saying that Zac efron didn’t look like Ted at all but then there’s this pic of Ted bundy first arrest and all I could see is Zac damn efron!

I think Bundy was a relative equivalent to the attractiveness we now see in people like Zac Efron, but 70s & 80s sexy was different than 40 years layers heartthrobs. I’m not attracted to the either of them, but the likeness in this photo is very visible. In the new Zac/Bundy movie, the SFX artists do a great job of slowly aging him – the most obvious example being when Liz ‘confronts’ Ted, as you can see they’ve added freckles & age spots and wrinkles beside his eyes – they tried to make him look tired, I think, because anyone who had been through everything he put himself and others through would end up defeated and inevitably tired. My favourite part about the Efron choice, was his (to me) unexpected ability to pick up a lot of Bundy’s actual physical mannerisms and make them seem naturally his own.

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