Half a Million Routers Infected by VPNFilter Malware – ArcTitan

So what you are saying is that you can no other country should use Cisco products Execpt for the USA?

If that country cares to keep America out of it’s business, absolutely that’s what I am saying. Same goes for Huawei obviously (what do you wanna bet there aren’t any Cisco routers in Huawei’s network?)

Keep in mind that many Cisco products are also made in China along with many of the components of the ones assembled in America.

I am aware, I’m also aware where the actual chips on those boards are produced. Equipment meant for the Government, does not come from China, the raw materials do, and the equipment is made where the Government can be sure that it isn’t compromised by other countries.

A specific vulnerability, the only one I remember was telnet enabled on a maintenance port.

You’re looking for specific vulnerabilities in Huawei’s equipment you mean? They’re a threat to National Security, by default being that they’re completely produced in China. No different than Cisco routers are a threat to China’s national security. No country should inherently trust another country, certainly not one as aggressive as China tends to be. Vise Versa, no country that is concerned about the American government spying on them should be using anything made by American companies.


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