German true crime translation #1

Nuremberg, Germany.


The prostitute Yenna (22) was found dead in her apartment at the end of May, shortly after, Miyoko (44), also a prostitute, was found dead as well. Both murders happened in a similar way and the murderer tried to cover it up by setting fire to both apartments, so it didn’t take police long to connect the two cases.

Both women were tied up and strangled to death with a phone cable after getting paid for their services.

Felix R. (21 at the time) was the last person to call Miyoko before her death, and thus the prime suspect. After getting arrested, he confessed fairly quickly and talked about things only the killer could know, like the phone cable and where he started the fires, his DNA was also found on both crime scenes. He said both cases happened in the heat of the moment after he got into a fight with them about the money, but either police nor judges believed him after about 500 snuff videos were found on his smartphone.

R. got life in prison (15 years in Germany) with the addition of subsequent preventive detention.


Felix R. visited the prison psychologist/therapist fairly often during his time and gained her trust. Sometime during late April, he told her about his deceased grandfather and how that is affecting him. After their session, she walked him back to his cell without any security. Halfway there, he tried to pull her into his cell to use as a hostage to negotiate better treatment. Luckily, a guard saw this and stepped in, most likely saving her life. A day afterward, she resigned as a prison therapist, there is no information about what she does now.

The windows in his cell were barricaded with the slatted of his bed, the mattress was rolled up and held together with the strings of some sweatpants, additionally, his demands were found on a piece of paper under the rolled up mattress. He wanted internet access, a gaming pc, and money for the game “World of Warcraft”, in which he spent most of his time on before prison. A mini fridge and a single cell were also written down but crossed out again. He got another 4 years and 9 months for that in early May

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