I highly recommend the series Active Shooter: America Under Fire

I find documentaries that cover mass shootings in the States to be rather perverted; most if not all focus on the perp and the gore, but I appreciated this show because its all about the direct victims of these acts and those closely affected by it. I consider myself pretty desensitized but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears, sometimes I get so caught up on the psychology behind these cunts and how interesting it is that I forget what impact they had on their victims, it’s truly heartbreaking. The show covers the United States’ worst (or infamous, however you consider it) mass shootings, so if you’re new and interested in this particular kind of true crime I highly recommend it. If I may add, it’s also one of the first documentaries I’ve seen that covers Columbine correctly (i.e. disregards most popular rumours like how they were bullied, part of the trenchcoat mafia, etc).


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