Advice for budget home surveillance

Hi to all,

I need an advice for budget block surveillance.

First I will need few IP ftp cameras about $30.

In the moment I use a Neo CoolCam camera from AliExpress, it is not bad, but to submit to ftp it first write to the sd card, then upload. If it is possible I prefer to write directly to the ftp – video and photos.

As second step, I want to know it is possible RPi 3 b+ to be modified to work as DVR and can it handle 1080p with about 4000-5000 kbps video from 4-5 cameras?

If there is no way to turn it to DVR, is FTP access to it do the job?

If RPi 3 b+ is not good option, what mini pc (board) or budget DVR can you recommend?

And because the cameras will be on few floors, what budget repeaters (rooters) can you recommend?

Thanks and best regards!


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