Recommendations for non-comedy True Crime (and related) podcasts

Hi all!

The title says it all. I’m not big into the jokey-jokey TC podcast style (Last Podcast on the Left, My Favorite Murder, etc.) – not sure why, just not into it (so it isn’t because I’m ‘triggered’ by jokes or something). I don’t mind an occasional, well-placed joke… but there’s nothing worse to me than a host (or multiple) who keep veering off subject into their own personal stories which have nothing to do with the topic. I also just… really dislike constant laughter when listening to TC stories. I obviously LOVE Forensic Files and am still plowing through episodes. For Podcasts, I did enjoy Dark Topic and Once Upon A Crime (both smaller and I know especially the latter gets a lot of shit for the hostess’ monotonous voice, but I like her writing). Right now I am listening to The Dream… not true crime as we discuss on here, but it’s about MLMs. Anyone have suggestions? I also speak German, so if anyone knows of any German TC podcasts lmk too 🙂


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