Looking for a wireless outdoor security camera that won’t kill my upload bandwidth

I purchased a Ring Spotlight Cam Battery model for my remote village house. Unfortunately, I live on an island where we’ve got pretty poor upload speeds and I’m limited to .5mbps upload. At night, I get a clear live feed because it’s silent. During the day, there are hundreds of birds chirping in nearby trees and the sound hogs the upload bandwidth to a point where I get no audio or video feed, it just stays black with a loading screen.

I already dropped €200 on this camera and you can’t disable the mic in app so I’m thinking of physically disabling the mic with either dabbing some silicon on the mic hole or popping the thing open and clipping the mic altogether.

Can anyone recommend a battery powered cam that offers standard definition or less video? I don’t need sound or two-way comms. All I want is to be able to pull up live vid if needed and motion-activated recording to keep an eye on the property while I’m away.

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