Maleah Davis Update

So I’ve been following the disappearance of 5 year old Maleah Davis since the beginning. If you aren’t totally familiar with it, I made a timeline of the events which you can find here:

(I hope I did that right. I apologize, I haven’t tried posting with a link to another post before. Please let me know if I did it correctly.)

There haven’t been a whole lot of updates or changes since then except that the searches had to be put on hold due to flooding caused by heavy rain. Until yesterday that is. So on Wednesday May 29th, at a court hearing concerning custody of Maleah’s brother, her biological father claimed that on the day Maleah was reported missing, he went to the home being shared by Maleah’s mother, Bowens, and the mother’s fiance. He says he went to the home to check on his daughter but Vence (the fiance) refused to let him in, claiming Maleah was sick with the flu and was sleeping in bed. Less than an hour later, Vence claims he left with Maleah and her brother to pick up Maleah’s mother from the airport, although we know Maleah was never seen leaving the apartment.

This is not the only thing that has come to light in the case this week. In an interview on Tuesday the 28th, Quanell X, who once firmly defended Bowens in the case, stated he is no longer representing her. Quanell claims Bowens has revealed information to him and made statement to him that lead him to believe she knows what happened to her daughter Maleah, although he says he does not believe she knows where she is. Quanell also claims she has not been acting like a mother whose child is missing, remaining calm during all of their discussions and only acting out in public.

I still plan on following this case until it’s end, no matter when that may be and will continue to post when new information arises. Please let me know if you notice anything I may have stated incorrectly.


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