Quanell X, Britney Bowens, and Darion Vence

This trio is seriously something else. As I’m sure most of you know, during the search in Arkansas for Maleah Davis’ body, a bag containing child remains was found. While we are waiting for the results of the autopsy to be revealed, I thought I would share my thoughts on the whole mess with those involved.

So this is what I find insane: Before Maleah disappeared, she was taken to the hospital for serious head injuries and later removed from her mother’s custody by cps due to suspicion of abuse (duh). Britney fervently defended her then fiance Darion saying he would never hurt Maleah and she just fell (uh huh). She also tried to pin the blame on the doctors saying she had taken Maleah before and doctors did not properly examine her.

Fast forward to Maleah’s disappearance. Britney obviously starts feeling the heat and tries to escape by claiming she believes Darion was abusing Maleah. No surprise there. Now fast forward to this week when Quanell X reveals be is no longer representing Britney. Here is where shit spirals. Quanell claims that Britney had shared with him that Darion was indeed abusing Maleah and, believing she knew what happened to Maleah but not where she was, he decided to stop representing her. Supposedly, he was only representing her so he could gain information. Kinda messed up but I don’t blame him and I understand that’s kind of just what he does.

Then Quanell goes to see Darion in jail to see if he can get him to reveal the truth of what happened to Maleah and where she is. Darion confesses that Maleah is in fact dead and that he dumped her in Arkansas. Now we are caught up to the present.


Since the search, Quanell has done interviews in which he has revealed a bit more about his conversation with Darion. Now this is the best part. First of all, apparently Darion is concerned about how he is viewed in the media, claiming he wants people to know that Britney was a terrible mother and he took care of the children most of the time. As if that is going to save him! Ok, you’re the one taking care of them. Great, good for you. Except your’re beating them! Ugh, anyway, Quanell claims that he believes that Darion was angry with Britney and it caused him to snap and hit Maleah. Now, he doesn’t say if that is what Darion revealed to him, only that it’s what he believes happened. This may be him putting together bits and pieces or it could be him trying not to make things worse by giving away the confession. I don’t know if you guys have been following everything but this case could be seriously damaged because of that conversation. Since it was not a legal (client/lawyer) confession, if Darion denies everything, things could go south pretty quickly.

Guys, this whole case bothers me so much. These are clearly both insanely toxic people. CPS should never have brought the children back to their custody. And now Maleah is dead and all they can do is shove blame on each other. I am seriously blown away by their awful behaviour. That poor sweet child. I really hope it is her they found so she can finally be put to rest. It’s the absolute least she deserves <3


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