Help finding out about a murder from the 70’s

Hey fellow true crime buffs,

I have a friend who is in prison in Washington and he was just casually telling me about an old man in his housing unit with him. He started telling me that he had been in prison since the 70’s. And so automatically, my true crime brain starts thinking, “okay that has to be either a brutal sex offense or he murdered someone.” And like the nosy lady I am, I googled him. I was only able to find one statement from the victim’s brother that essentially says, “my sister was abducted off of the streets in 1974, and found murdered several hours later. The crime was extremely brutal, and her last few hours of life were hell on earth.” Okay so at that point, my interests were really piqued. There’s something oddly fascinating and simultaneously horrifying to me about a crime committed against a total stranger and knowing that my friend is playing cards a table down from him fueled the interest even more.

So I’ve tried to find out more online through WA state court records and library searches but there’s literally nothing I can find. I’m guessing it’s because it was in the 70’s? But I’m wondering if anyone else on here is A)either a really good internet sleuth and may be able to find out more for me? or B) has any suggestions on other places on the internet I can deep-dive to find out more clues?


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