SCOTUS Won’t Hasten DACA Review

On May 24, the U.S. Government asked the Supreme Court to review a decision of the Fourth Circuit that the administration’s decision to wind down the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program was “arbitrary and capricious.” In other words, the executive branch had previously decided to stop enforcing the law, and the judiciary enjoined the executive from retracting that decision and resuming enforcement of the law.
Along with the request that the high court take the case up for full review, the Government asked that they hurry it up so as to decide whether to take it before they adjourn for the summer and take off to cool, mountainous places or just about anywhere except Washington.
Today they said “no” to the hurry-up request. The case is Dept. of Homeland Security v. Casa de Maryland, No. 18-1469.

The answer to the underlying problem, of course, is for Congress to include DACA relief in a comprehensive bill that also includes strong employment verification, border security including prompt construction of physical barriers where appropriate, fixing the absurd definition of “aggravated felony,” fixing the problems in our asylum law and process, and assorted other needed reforms.


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