Is this a mistake: Buying a generic PoE cam system?

I want to get a camera system for around my house. Been researching on and off for a few years and like PoE systems over BNC or wifi.

Found some H.265 PoE system from brands: eyes.sys, NBVision, SANNCE which seem good and are less than $200 for a 4 1080p camera PoE system and a 1080p 4-8 camera NVR. Only thing missing is a hard drive and I already have a drive for it.

I really don’t want the system to ever have internet access, it is going to be a CCTV, local only.

Compared to a Reolink with the same specs but at $500+, these other brands seem too good to be true at nearly 1/5 the price.

Is buying one of these generic PoE systems going to end up being a mistake? Am I missing something?

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