I’ve read more than a few posts, and have questions about cameras specifically.

I think I know how I will be setting up my system, using POE, and a NVR. Thank you all for your help in previous posts as I have learned a lot.

However I am clueless when it comes to what cameras I actually need. What MP do I really need. What is too much and over priced. I want the best picture quality possible, especially at night. I know with night vision, there are limitations.

The main reason I want to make sure to get the best picture possible is that my neighborhood got hit 4 times in the last year by car break ins. It’s a nice neighborhood, not crime ever, except these specific incidents, which is why we get hit. And every time the only pics anyone can ever get is grainy footage that doesnt help identify subjects or vehicles.

So while I know distance and camera placement plays a part in the detail that is picked up, any advice on camera specs and types I should and shouldn’t be looking for would be helpful.

Thanks again and have a good day y’all, remember to lock your vehicle doors!


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