Help, potential inintrusion

Recently my neighbor stopped me today Informing me that two o-clock at night or around that time someone scoped out our yard and house. This isnt the first time it happened becuase thief’s and invaders are everywhere but this time the person in the truck used high beams on my house, stopped then used a flashlight.

My neighbor got into his car because he has seen the vehicle more then once and it sped off when he went after it.

I need help because my camera system is poor and my father is ignorant. I have forms of house defence but I need help when I am away. We have dogs and a large fence but it is easy to get around both because of the yards next time mine. I have video of the camera footage of the incident. If anyone has any advice or ideas please advise me I need the help.

-edit- I do have video and pictures of the cam footage. Also the first light shown that doesnt move is light pole at one side of our fence.


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