The Consequences of Soft-on-Crime Politics

Phil Matier reports in the SF Chronicle:
The Home Depot in Oakland is having problems with homelessness and crime, and it’s gotten so bad that the hardware chain may shut the store unless the city can curb the thefts and clean up the tent and RV camps that dot the area, City Councilman Noel Gallo said.
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It’s so bad that Home Depot is paying for two Oakland Police Department squad cars, manned by off-duty officers at $100 an hour each, to be on-site — one patrols the parking lot, while the other parks at the store’s entrance in an attempt to curb theft from the store.
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Justin Berton, Mayor Libby Schaaf’s spokesman, said she has met with Home Depot representatives and that “they reiterated they were not leaving Oakland, despite Councilman Gallo’s insistence that they plan to.”

[Home Depot spokeswoman Margaret] Smith also said Home Depot hasn’t threatened to leave Oakland. However, she declined to say what it might do if the situation fails to improve.

“We’re not going to speculate, but we remain hopeful the situation will be addressed and resolved,” Smith said.
Oakland has an exceptionally bad city government, even by California standards. Let us hope the people wise up soon. The situation is unlikely to be addressed in any meaningful way until they vote the bums out. If not, will the last employer to leave town please turn out the lights?

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