camera visibility/access

I have a raised ranch which has a “garrison” style to it — the upper level overhangs the lower by about 18″ in the front. I have one camera under that, it’s a little higher than 8′ off the driveway, low enough to be reached by someone tall or anyone standing on a small stool — I’m fine with it because the lower position because it provides an excellent long shot of the driveway and front yard capturing an alternative angle that my Nest Hello gets (they’re about 20′ apart angled toward each other).

In the back I have one under the soffit at my rear porch, about 7~8′ from the deck to the camera — again I’m fine with this because it provides an excellent angle and view of the steps leading to the deck.

The aim isn’t to make the camera something that can’t be damaged, the aim is to get a clear shot of someone’s face.


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