Help finding a case?

A friend and I are both pretty sure that it was an episode of Sword and Scale but neither of us can remember enough to find the episode we are thinking about so any help would be appreciated!!

From what I remember…… it was something like I feel like the girl who disappeared/was murdered was outside of either the restaurant she worked at or that was owned by some dude. They were supposedly outside smoking and she was drunk and approached a “stranger” for a cigarette. The dude she was with was heavily implied to be the actual person though and like there were people who saw him cleaning out his van or something? And I feel like he moved states or something?

Originally they were looking for the mysterious stranger guy who gave the girl the cigarette (and I think the guy that probably did it is the one trying to cast blame on the cigarette guy) but evidence ended up mostly being pointed towards the dude who might have owned the restaurant?

I can’t remember if the case was resolved… but I feel like it was unresolved.


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