Home security options – Gang neighborhood

Beginner home owner looking for security advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

I have recently brought a home in a neighborhood which has known gang houses close by. We have some very suspect people walking past the house often and once had an odd child asking for donations who we suspected was casing the house for their parents. We have recently got a small puppy who uses a small dog door which makes motion detection an issues. Our driveway is also very visible so it is easy to see when both of our cars are not home.

We have met up with one of the neighbors who said the 3 houses, which we are in the middle of, all look out for each other. But one house, two houses down, had been robbed previously. Both neighbors on each side have large dogs which is a good deterrent.

We have insurance but my biggest issues is that I cant be bothered with dealing with insurance and restocking the house. I’m wondering where people think we should start for home security as I have no idea where to start.

Both main doors have deadlocks but could easily be busted down and we have a porch door which could easily be smashed and opened. Are there motion detectors for houses with pets? Should we get security cameras? Are there good deterrents to stop the robbery before it happens? I have heard that security companies that monitor houses are useless with terrible response times. I also have a tool shed/workshop which has some flimsy doors with nice gear behind it which I don’t want to lose.


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