Belgium serial killer who filmed his killings.

Well, this is a pretty fucked up story and i don’t know exactly where to begin. (Sorry for the awful english).

I live in The small town of Mechelen, located in the centre point of belgium, near Brussels. A few Years ago a man occasionally stood at our door. He looked rather confused and was showing off his flying drone, which he had brought with him.He let me fly with it and i thought he was maybe just a misunderstood but gentile person.

the third time he rang our door bell, my mother insisted that i wouldn’t open the door for him. She told me that she knew this man from her youth in which my mother and father were still together. He always has been a ladykiller who was a master manipulator towards weak women. Never could i have known that my mothers’ words were prophetic. My mother wasn’t to eager to talk a lot about, but i didn’t payed to much attention by it when the weeks passed by…

Apart from this brief wiki article, i don’t find any other articles in English about Renaud hardy.

A sociopath serial killer , who enjoyed humilating women. Police later found a usb stick, which was described as the most disturbing images they have ever had seen.

From this day on. I still feel sick when i think about the moments i stood eye-on-eye with him. The most fucked up thing is that he apparently really was a child of the family back in the days with the family of my fathers part. My grandmother (who is 95, so dont blame her), only can refer to him as a very nice person.

Feel free to ask any further information.



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