One of the world’s first keystroke loggers: A device created by the Soviets that translated magnetic waves from an IBM Selectric typewriter and transmitted the results via radio to a nearby listening post.

Used to go to a LUG where a guy talked about how he created a device that monitored RF leakage from the CRT of a teletype terminal. He was able to pick up the signal prior to generating the display with a distance around 10 feet. He was a civilian of the NSA in the 70s. He had to demo it to a 4 star general. The general didn’t believe him because the terminal wasn’t calibrated. Yet his remote display showed it correctly. He proved it worked by having someone walk in front of it to block the signal. Story sounded far fetched, especially for something in the 70s. When the ANT project was leaked I realized there was a lot of crazy smart people in the 70s.

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