I just set off the ADT alarm system in my new house at 11:30pm with a sleeping baby.

So my family just bought our first home and it has an ADT security system installed. We don’t subscribe or know anything about it. It was here when we moved in. I can see it’s wired through the house with door and window sensors. Ot makes a beep whenever someone opens a door.

My wife wanted to turn off the beeps because she thought they were freaking out the dog. She pressed a few buttons and it looked like she armed it after pressing a button called “Silence”. Anyway we opened the back door and the alarm we off. Our child is sleeping 10 feet away and the alarm is blaring in our faces as we struggle with what to do. I try the street # as a code, and various other numbers. We called the realtor. No answer. Wife runs in with a pair of scissors, lifts the panel, and cuts the wires, I see a spark and the alarm goes dead.

Are these bare wires something I need to be concerned about?

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