Most Interesting 1800s Serial Killer?

Servant Girl Annihilator

A serial killer, who became known as the Servant Girl Annihilator, preyed upon the city of Austin, Texas, during the years 1884 and 1885. The sobriquet originated with the writer O. Henry.The series of eight axe murders were referred to by contemporary sources as the Servant Girl Murders.The December 26, 1885, issue of The New York Times reported that the “murders were committed by some cunning madman, who is insane on the subject of killing women”.The murders represent an early example of a serial killer operating in the United States, three years before the Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel.According to author Philip Sugden in The Complete History of Jack the Ripper, the conjecture that the Texas killer and Jack the Ripper were one and the same man originated in October 1888, when an editor with the Atlanta Constitution proposed this conjecture, following the murders of Stride and Eddowes by Jack the Ripper.

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