Vandals tagged up my property again, looking for a recommendation

Hey reddit, I’m sorry for posting another one of these threads, but a local gang has been tagging a small property my dad owns, I’ve had the police come out twice, and I’m wasting a lot of hours in the burning sun repainting over it.

I painted it less than 7 days ago, and its been tagged again already. The police HIGHLY recommend I put good cameras in, since they might have an idea who they are, but need proof.

I’ve been reading other subreddits, and it seems hikvision seems to be a decent company so long as I buy it from a reputable seller, So I’ve been looking at the following two systems on B&H and was wondering if I could get reddit’s help in trying to curve constant graffiti.


I may have to upgrade the hard drive which isn’t a big deal since I probably have one around, but overall, I just really really want people to stop spray painting gang tag all over the property, and want a good outdoor camera that will survive the weather.


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